A friend of mine was really angry. She asked me a few questions.

1. Why is there a limitation on girls about having guy friends?

2. If it is because society doesn’t like a guy and girl being together even as friends, is it their problem or mine?

3. If it is because they are afraid about a girl being raped, then why don’t people improve their thinking instead of asking a girl not to wear short clothes? What if wearing short and free clothes gives me happiness?

4. Why are always girls advised to not to wear short clothes? Why can’t society make men control themselves and their eyes?

5. Even flirting has a limit, doesn’t it?

6. If a girl is seen with a boy, why are assumptions about her relation with the boy made in the same speed in which a machine gun fires the bullets ? Shouldn’t i get a chance to shoot them all with high-heat sabot rounds?

7. They preach westernization so much, can’t they westernize their thinking too in the same manner?

8. Why can’t they just ask the girl about her relation with a boy instead of making assumptions and poking shit to her family? Does it make them feel like a so called responsible person or are they just becoming another cause of distress to her family ?

9. What if the girl doesn’t want to tell them anything ? Is it necessary for them to poke their nose everywhere ? Is their family above all this ?

10. If they think in such manner, then have they accepted the same about their mothers and sisters ?

11. Don’t they feel shameful about doing all this ?

12. A girl doesn’t need reservations, all she needs is a proper life of dignity and respect. Is that too much to ask ?

13. If a rape is proved, why is it that courts keep trying them again and again ? Girl’s life and family was destroyed so, shouldn’t they get THE CHANCE to do justice with the life of the rapist ?

14. A girl moves out with her real brother in market but neighbors poke to the parents “Aapki ladki bigad chuki hai, ladke k saath ghoom rahi thi (Your girl is a spoiled one, was roaming around with a boy)”. *claps* May be they should have Binoculars fit in their eyes. But my eyes should have been beaming with pride, isn’t it ?

I think when she was questioning me, she was questioning us, the society at the same time.

She was talking sense.

My question : Her questions are justified, aren’t they?