With every passing day after the new government has been elected, there is this one question that keeps bugging everyone’s head, all thanks to the media. And that question is

“When will we have a corruption free India?”
kyonki saare fasaad ki jad is desh mein ye corruption hi hai (Because corruption is the cause of every problem in this country)

I have one question to the ones who fire this question regularly. Yeah, its a question in reply to a question. And my question is that

“Are you even ready for a Corruption Free India?”
Answer this honestly.

Baabu log ka toh hum kuch nahi kar sakte toh ek baar khud se hi shuruat karte hain

Can you do the following tasks?

  1. If caught by a traffic policeman, just give him the actual fine and take a receipt instead of “Lo sir, zara phone pe baat karlo. Aap jaante nahi ho mujhe” (Take the phone and talk. You don’t know who I am)
  2. Get the Driving License made through proper process and by giving a driving test instead of contacting a broker (kaun pachde mein fase)
  3. If you do this, you won’t need to follow the 1st one. Just don’t break traffic rules. Especially don’t jump the traffic signals.
  4. If being asked for benefits under the table, try to get the other way out. You see, it is we who have made it a habit for them.
  5. Try to achieve better ranks and better benefits by not bribing anyone.

Before the question is asked, yes, I have tried these myself and yes, I’m proud of it because I do it on a regular basis.

For starters these definitely might help. If you can’t do these, then you aren’t ready for a corruption free India. So, stop asking for the same. Just shut up and keep working.