Few weeks ago
“Hey, don’t worry. You can trust me.”
“Yeah, sure.”

After a series of incidents and accidents.

“Hey, don’t worry. You can trust me.”
“Are you sure?”

These two situations are familiar now, aren’t they? It’s not like I went through them today and also not my first time.
It is always a certain series of incidents which lead you to think and rethink and then try to come back stronger. A certain series of incidents which are enough to crush you from the inside and rip you apart on the outside. It is enough to shake your beliefs and make you ponder over how wrong you were or are. It is always a certain series of incidents which lead you to a philosophic path.

It all starts with meeting certain people who are famous for exacerbating things and situations. Firstly, when you know what they are famous for, hasn’t God already rang a bell that probably you should retrace your steps and pave a different way? But then The Goodness of your heart comes in the way and challenges you to make things better.

“Son, you’re the only one left in this world who can make things right”
All that it means is that you’re the only one on this earth who deserves to be screwed and pretty well.

Aftereffects can be imagined.

It isn’t a good thing to not have trust in people or else you won’t know the meaning or taste of how a heartbreak feels like. Also, trusting people makes you give your best as a team and it brings out the best in you. But all these statements somehow turn out in meaningless when you realize that Trust is on sale.

The world utilizes the word “perception” in an amazing manner. We all have different perceptions. Similarly, we have different perceptions of how we can buy Trust. Some try it with money, some with flattery and we have the final type which buys trust with brain. Fortunately, I’ve met all the three types. It doesn’t mean that I’m a saint. I myself must have disappointed people many times knowingly or unknowingly which is why I don’t blame anyone now. Blame-game wastes your time.

So, what now?

I have this friend with whom I have really good conversations. We share the same theory on a lot of issues. It is about the amount of expectations, trust and results from every sort of relationship that you should have or derive out.

We trust wrong people very easily and as a result of which we start having our trust issues. “I don’t trust anyone except myself” is a common thing to hear these days, not that we mean it every time. In today’s generation, we have this flare of being practical without really understanding its real essence. The practicality is about bringing yourself up and dealing with your issues. We make a different use of it, mostly.

Then, there is a certain bunch of idiots who do not have any relation to any of the shit written above. Their immaturity is enough to make you sweat. It’s like dealing with a 10-12 year old kid. It makes you use your brain more than ever which leads you to get results less than ever.

As a summary, it is fine if you laid your trust in a person who didn’t deserve it. In the end, it is all about coming back stronger after all the kind of issues you have. Welcome the morning with a smile. Make peace with your demons or keep wrestling them because your success in changing the outlook of every other person has very poor and most unusual odds.
Keep moving on even if you have laid your trust in a wrong person or lost someone’s trust. Try getting it back, if you can. If not, then let it be. You’ve made a mistake and it shall stay with you. You’re better off if you’re able to make peace with it. Anyway, it is in the past and you cannot do anything about it.

So, just move on…….. Life is good and worth celebrating.