Smile. It carries different meanings on the faces of different people. A smile on your mother’s face would give you a feeling of comfort and happiness, whereas a smile on your father’s face would give you confidence and strength, both at the same time. On your sibling’s face, the smile might symbolize care and affection.

Try not to judge the smile on a friend’s face. It is bound to deliver the most complicated news to you. After all, they are your friends. 😉

Smile, according to me, is the best and the most important expression that can possibly exist.



Smile, no matter how grave the situations are.
Your heart can take it. So strong, you are.
There used to be a time,
When you were just a child,
People could get the better off you,
Make you run wild.

But isn’t it different now?
You’re on your own.
Isn’t it better now?
With all the realities shown.

The game is never old.
The game is always cold.
Figure out your place,
Give it a chase.

It is never too late to rise,
For all the happiness comes from within.
It is never too late to shine,
Because you’ll shine from within.

Smile, overcome your fears,
Let the glasses clink a cheers!

Radiate, for the happiness is to be shared.
Radiate, for a laughter is always better.

Smile, for the world is too short of it.
Smile, for the world is too bored of hate.

Smile, because it links.
Smile, because it winks. 😉
Smile, because it matters to someone.
Your heart will show it. So happy, you are.