Irrationality for me, began with you.

A twitch or a twist, like the turn of a screw.

Weird, has been the mid-street fun, but then

I was never this crazy, Until I Met You.


Moments in the light or life around a shadow,

Or blowing Dandelions across the Meadow,

A flutter of a bird’s feathers was now known,

Opening the horizons of a world so new,

I was never this free, Until I Met You.


A nomadic run along the coast,

Or a cold morning with Tea and a Toast,

Leaving Footprints on the Wet Sand,

Or the memory of that Rainbow Band,

Time is always less but words are never few,

Togetherness never had a meaning, Until I Met You.


Rough Paint Graffiti on the blank wall that we’d create,

A soul with me always, to celebrate,

That ear which could hear me out,

Or simply you, with whom the life is loud.

A quite could never be peace,

But with you, the conscience came at ease.


The Twinkle in your eyes and the Chirp of your being,

Or the Fragrance of yours that’s Ubiquitous in me.

Couldn’t agree more that all I have ever needed is you,

Because I never knew Love, Until I Met You.



Featured Image by : The Wedding Matinee