She said that and it was beautiful.


An upshot of our accidental meet,

Gaping mouth of mine,

Beautiful she was, I just knew that I couldn’t cheat,

And thought “Couldn’t we just dine?”

She said that and it was beautiful.


Time and again, place after place,

Meetings planned and unplanned,

I’d see her and my heart would race,

I’d let her talk and stay up clammed.

She said that and it was beautiful.


From her and me to us, We were off the charts,

with Butterflies in the stomach,

It was time to set an example apart,

I couldn’t really wait much,

To the lost me, she clicked her fingers

She giggled “Where are you lost, Mister?

She said that and it was beautiful.


In my mind, romantic methods to put it,

Thoughts be “How should I do it?

Should it be simple or a lot of bling?

Should it be grand or a privately presented ring?

And if I do it, then what would happen?

Will she say that and will it be beautiful?


Then we met the other day and it was raining,

Unaware of the other side, my heart was racing.

My eyes were stuck on her, my lips shut and did freeze,

A perfect moment to begin and I cusped down the knee.

Unexpectedly seeing this, awestruck was she.

Miss, I have started to smile more and wonder much more,

There’s no crazy history of it as you weren’t here before.

The crown of my life, you be its Ruby

To make it what it never used to be.

From Joy to Sorrow, Frustrations to Adorations,

I want to go through with you.

From Success to Failure, Bad times to Celebrations

I want to go through with you.

From the fancy late twenties to era of senility,

I want to go through with you.”


Out were her tears and out was my ring,

Never expected a magic only the rain could bring.


I’m stuck, fixed and down on my knee,

Sure with my heart in line,

Miss Special of mine,

Would you like to combine,

The story of your life with mine?”


And then, I waited, and after sometime,

She said that and it was …………….



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