You Hate stories?
Because they didn’t get your lust lit?
Or because to you, it didn’t seem fit.

You say you hate stories,
Because they managed to hit your soul,
Because they were able to complete what was never whole.
Because you found nothing real in it,
Or because you found a story, but could never fit in it.

It didn’t bring any nonsense to you,
You thought it was childish,
It ignited the innocence in you,
And all you did was abolish.
Do You Hate Stories?

A story that brought to you some vibes,
On you, one that took no jibes,
Thanks to which, your conscience got revived,
Thanks to which, ‘you’ came alive.
And you hate Stories?

Your soul is hungry for stories,
But all you do is abstain,
And You fail to get it nourished,
Because you had a character to maintain?
Think, You Really Hate Stories?

What you have is a disarray of sorts,
Types of which you need to abort.

Stories are what satisfy your soul,
Words are what fill up that hole.

You still Hate Stories?
You know, they’re bigger than you and me.
I’d say, Start Loving them,
Because In the end, that’s all you’ll be.

Now, You Hate Stories?