I’ve thought about it a lot. Yeah, I’m talking about Death, mine or anybody else’s.

No, I don’t mean to depress you. And I’m not going to share any sad story about someone’s death.


I don’t know how death will come to me. It can be while I’m writing this or probably some 50 years later.

So many questions stay in my mind unanswered. Will death be peaceful? Will it be serene? Will it be violent and painful? Will it be me before my loved ones or vice versa?

No, I don’t fear dying. I don’t know whether I’ll be going upstairs or downstairs. I don’t know whether I’ll be watching from above or staring from below. What will the plight of my loved ones be? Will I be remembered? Despite being gone, would my parents be proud of me? Would the one whom I love, cry for me? Would my sister hug me and pray for me to be back? Would my in-laws miss me like their own son? Would my friends miss a dear one?
Would a remembrance be associated with me or just a curse?

Discussing the inevitable, as I said, I don’t fear Dying. But there is a life, before that death, which is of concern.

“Jiyo zindagi aisi k maut bhi na jala paye”

Yes, life isn’t easy, but it isn’t that difficult either. When I say that there is a life of concern, I mean more about the manner in which I’m going to lead that life. It is about how better sense I can make out of this life. Spread happiness, inspiring people, fulfilling desires are all an essential part of it. A life spent mourning, cursing and cribbing is useless. I’d want to spend a life in which I can fill positivity, not just in me but others too.

Why is death a fear when it can be a motivation? Live everyday like it is your last. Live, laugh, celebrate the time. Ek zara si zindagi hai, kitna daroge.

I want to lead a life on seeing which, my parents feel good about. A life about which my sister would be satisfied. They feel happy when they see me satisfied. I want to lead a life at the end of which I can say

Ji liye par gham unke bhi kam kiye, jinko puchne ko bhi koi na aa saka

No, I don’t want anyone to cry for me. Rather I’ll call it good if after me, my kids would call my life a satisfactory one. A life after which she could also say

“Poori hui Mohabbat, jo aa base tum yahan,
bas ek kasak adhoori reh gayi, saath chale jaane ki”

It’ll be a life, when after death, I’d be referred to as – Hamesha yehi kehta tha k maut ka kya hai, aayegi toh aa jayegi.

“Kuch kahaniya sunayenge,
Gile Shikwe mitayenge,
kasar baaki reh gayi toh kya fark hai,
do-chaar agli baar k liye chhor jayenge”