Yes, I liked you a hell lot when I saw you for the first time. Love at first sight? No, I’m not that stupid. Your smile is like the holy water that is sprinkled by the priests after the prayer. It is so refreshing and pure that anyone would want to stay near you. So did I.

The number of times I tried to approach you is countless. Was I not strong at heart? Trust me, I was. But I just never wanted to hurt you. So, everything, from the starting of our first conversation to meets later, I had to take special care of it.

I could get lost in the perfection of your facial structure and the way you carry yourself. But there’s a lot more to life than just that. Your jawline is finer than the life I live. So, did I think I was not worthy of you? No, we’d have been amazing together.

A person’s beauty is defined by the thoughts he / she carries. Those thoughts are shaped by the the experiences we have. You’ve had situations pretty much similar to what I did. But our perceptions differed.

Where you’d always try the right way and leave, I’d always try again. We were master assassins of our own sectors, undisturbed, unperturbed, solemn and focused. Never had we relied on anyone’s support. So, probably that’s why teamwork wasn’t going that fruitful.

I don’t blame you or myself for anything. One who has spent a life building oneself from scratch without a morsel of help from anyone, it’s hard for him/her to see things the absolutely normal way. For them, there isn’t any normal in existence. What’s normal for everyone, for us it’s just the duration till which one hasn’t shown it’s true colors.

Yes, I know that you never meant bad and you’d never hurt anyone by taking lead. And it’s the same here. We’re those two spears made of fire and water, which are stronger apart. Together, it’d be just null.

So, I’m glad we met. I’m glad we went on a few dates and had a lovely time. I’m glad to have known you and found a friend in you because it was only because of you that I was able to know the other side of everything. We can’t be more than friends, yes, we can’t be together. It is because I can’t carry that ‘other side’ with me everywhere. That ‘other side’ is nice to know but fatal to keep next to the side I already carry. It’d be the same for you and you know it.

No matter what, I’ll always love you. I’ll always wish we could be together. But at the same time, I’m glad we could never connect. Someone’s cage can be a home to someone else.

I’m glad we don’t connect. Let us be.


Picture and Write-up first published on YourQuote.